Issue with converting float to integer for API endpoint parameters


The user is facing an issue with converting a float number to an integer for API endpoint parameters in a connector being developed using Connector Builder. The API requires integer unixtimestamps for the startTime and endTime parameters, but the output from the provided macro is a float number. The user needs assistance in converting this float number to an integer.


I’m using conector builder to develop a connector for a specific api… there is a endpoint with starTime and endTime parameters (needs to be the same value) that need a integer unixtimestamp. I need get data in d-1. I’m using this macro in query paramerets fields
‘{{ timestamp((today_utc() - duration(‘P1D’)).strftime(’%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ’)) }}’
The output is a float number 1713052800.0 …but the api needs a integer. Anyone can help me?

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