Issue with Parent Stream in Custom Build


Encountering issue with retrieving Parent IDs from multiple pages in custom build


Hi everyone I encountered and issue with using “Parent Stream” with a custom build. Currently, I can only get the results from the id’s from the first page result of the Parent Table. Is there anyway to also get the Parent ID’s from the second page and so forth?

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Is this happening in the Builder test, an actual sync, or both?

this happens both on test and actual sync. kinda weird, that the the child stream only gets the ID’ from the 1st page.

Hey Leo! Yep, we’ve got that reported earlier this week and we’re looking to fix it. I don’t have an ETA yet, but we’re on it.|

I see. Thank you so much for the insight <@U069EMNRPA4>. Hopefully this can be fixed the soonest. :innocent:

We got the bugfix in a PR, hoping to roll it out today!

Thank you so much! This is really a big help!

Hi <@U069EMNRPA4>, can I know when will be the fix be available on the self hosted version of airbyte? Thanks.

The CDK fix is merged, so if you’re on Cloud, it’s probably 1 day before the platform picks it up.

If you’re on OSS, we’ll cut a release soon, but I’m not sure when it’s scheduled.

Ahh okay. Got it. Thanks for this info. :raised_hands: