Issue with Postgres connector after accidental upgrade in Airbyte


The user accidentally clicked the ‘upgrade all’ button in the ‘Settings’ tab of Airbyte, causing issues with the Postgres connector. Syncs do not go past the upgrade time. User is seeking a way to get the connectors running again without immediately upgrading the software.


I’m running Airbyte version 0.44.12 and running it on Kubernetes using helm chart version v0.45.31. I recently was looking at the “Settings” tab and accidentally clicked the “upgrade all” button while I was there. This seems to have broken my Postgres connector. I can occasionally get a sync to complete, but when it does, it does not sync any data past the time when I clicked the “upgrade all” button. My production system is currently down and I haven’t had any luck setting up a new connector to get it working. Most troubleshooting online resources indicate the next step would be to fully upgrade the software, which I’m willing to do but can’t do immediately. Is there any way to get my connectors running again?

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