Issue with Snowflake records not appearing in Kafka topic


Records emitted from Snowflake to Kafka not visible in Kafka topic


Even though I see records emitted from snowflake and committed to Kafka on Airbyte UI. I still do not see messages in the kafka topic. What might be causing this?

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Based on the information provided in the extracts, there could be a few reasons why you’re not seeing messages in the Kafka topic even though records are being emitted from Snowflake and committed to Kafka on the Airbyte UI. 1. Kafka Topic Not Present: In one of the forum posts, a user encountered an error where the Kafka topic was not present in the metadata after 60000 ms. This could potentially be a reason why you’re not seeing messages in the Kafka topic. You might want to check if the Kafka topic is correctly configured and accessible. 2. Reset Operation: In another forum post, a user had executed a Reset operation which cleans the data in the destination (Kafka). If you have recently performed a Reset operation, you would need to trigger a Sync to send data from Snowflake to Kafka again. 3. No Records Read: In a Github issue, users reported a problem where no records were read from the Kafka source, even though the topic had data. This could be a potential issue if you’re using Kafka as a source. If none of these scenarios apply to you, it would be helpful to have more information or logs to further diagnose the issue. You might also want to reach out to the Airbyte community or support for more assistance.

No, the information you provided is not helpfu

In my case, I am using Kafka as destination, the topic exists and test messages are going to the kafka topic. My source is snowflake and I see Airbyte pulling records from source

but kfka topic is not reciving messages