Issue with streams not appearing on UI after creating connection using Airbyte API


The user is facing an issue where streams are not appearing on the UI after creating a connection using the Airbyte API. The provided code snippet shows the creation of a connection with streams, but the streams are not visible on the UI.


Hi team,

please i am trying to use the airbyte API to create a connection. The connection is actually create but the streams don’t appear on the UI
please can someone help please ?
what is the correct way to declare the streams ?

snippet of my code :

    "name": "My Connection : Git Source -> Postgres Destination",
    "sourceId": "'$SOURCE_ID'",
    "destinationId": "'$DESTINATION_ID'",
        "syncCatalog": {
            "streams": [
                    "stream": {
                        "name": "commits",
                        "jsonSchema": {}
                    "stream": {
                        "name": "branches",
                        "jsonSchema": {}
    "schedule": {
        "scheduleType": "cron",
        "cronExpression": "0 /5 * * * ?"
    "dataResidency": "auto",
    "namespaceDefinition": "destination",
    "namespaceFormat": null,
    "nonBreakingSchemaUpdatesBehavior": "ignore",
    "status": "active"

echo "Connection creation response: $CONNECTION_RESPONSE"
CONNECTION_ID=$(echo $CONNECTION_RESPONSE | jq -r '.connectionId')
if [ "$CONNECTION_ID" == "null" ]; then
  echo "Connection creation failed."
  exit 1
  echo "Connection creation succeeded. Connection ID: $CONNECTION_ID"



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