Issue with syncing numeric fields from Postgres source to Postgres destination


Numeric fields from a Postgres source are being synced as NULL on the destination due to a destination typecast error. The issue occurs on subsequent incremental syncs but not on the initial sync. Types on source and destination are compatible.



I’m having an issue syncing some numeric fields form a Postgres source to a Postgres destination. The fields are being synced as NULL on the destination.

Reading the _airbyte_meta column, the problem is supposed to be some sort of type mismatch but it make little sense to me, since the type on the source is numeric(30, 5) and the type on the destination set by Airbyte is numeric(38, 9). The types are compatible (as far as I know)

{"changes": [{"field": "platformFee", "change": "NULLED", "reason": "DESTINATION_TYPECAST_ERROR"}, {"field": "baseCreditAmount", "change": "NULLED", "reason": "DESTINATION_TYPECAST_ERROR"}, {"field": "excessCreditAmount", "change": "NULLED", "reason": "DESTINATION_TYPECAST_ERROR"}]}
Interesting enough, Airbyte setting these fields to null only happens on subsequent incremental syncs. The initial sync has no problems, an the fields are not nulled.

The sync mode for the table with the problem is set as Incremental - Append + Deduped , and the source postgres DB update method is set to Read Changes using Write-Ahead Log (CDC)

Can anyone point on how to solve this issue?

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