Issues with Airbyte connection setup


Issues with replication job init container not inheriting configured requests and limits, and pod not inheriting imagesecretpull from configmap


Hi all, when I set up connections with Airbyte I have noticed 2 things:

the replication job (main job?) the init container does not have configured by default requests and limits despite if you add them for the JOB MAIN variables
The pod does not seem to inherit the imagesecretpull that has been configured in the configmap

I am wondering if I am just have something misconfigured or if it’s expected?

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My current solution was to modify the source code and rebuild the worker image but I have hardcoded the init requests and limits and likewise the imagepullsecret

Could you share some of the relevant config and also include details about how you’re deploying Airbyte and your current Airbyte version? That might help get better answers