Issues with custom connector configuration and stream responses in Snowflake


User is facing issues with modifying custom connector configuration and getting blank responses from streams in Snowflake.


I have a custom connector that I have been using to write data to Snowflake for about ~3 months. I have a few issues:
• When i go to modify the connector, I am unable to make any configuration changes or release new versions, yet my streams run and yield expected results (see error saving draft)
• Upon duplicating the YAML and creating a new custom connector, I am able to make updates, but all of my streams yield blank responses except for one (but work fine when testing).
Does anyone here have tips here?

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It should’t do that. Are you using cloud? If it’s okay with you and you want to DM me link to your workspace, I might have a minute to take a look, no guarantees.

I wold need a| test account with some data in the streams you need, though ;-(

BUT if you’re willing to make them, I’m happy to help and grab the connector for the community, too.