Issues with Meta Ads data integration in Airbyte


User is facing issues with fetching data from Meta Ads to Clickhouse using Airbyte. The first issue is related to missing values for ‘7 day click or 1 day view’ attribution setting in Ad Insights table. The second issue is about finding a preview link for video creative assets.


Hi everyone,
I am using Airbyte to fetch data from Meta Ads and store it in Clickhouse.

Facing two issues:

  1. In Ad Insights table, while checking the data for purchase, I can’t find the values for “7 day click or 1 day view” attribution setting, which is a default for most ad accounts (at least in India). Attached the screenshot of the json output.
  2. Can’t find a link for the video creative assets > I want a preview link that I can use to display the video creative in my data visualisation tool. I am getting some iframes in the output, but is there any preview link for video creatives similar to what they have for image creatives?
    Pls help out.

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