Leveraging existing Minio cluster for Airbyte deployment on Kubernetes


The user is trying to deploy Airbyte on Kubernetes and wants to know if there is a way to use an existing Minio cluster instead of creating a new one when setting global.storage.type to minio.


Hi team, as I know that there is something changed in bitnami minio helm chart so that it has been replaced with your own one. I’m trying to deploy airbyte on k8s and it seems to create minio statefulset directly when the global.storage.type is set to minio. Is there any way to leverage my existing minio cluster?

apiVersion: apps/v1 #  for k8s versions before 1.9.0 use apps/v1beta2  and before 1.8.0 use extensions/v1beta1
kind: StatefulSet
  # This name uniquely identifies the Deployment
  name: airbyte-minio
{{- end }}```



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