Loading JSON files with list of objects into Airbyte for Postgres database


Airbyte is facing issues loading JSON files with a list of objects into a single column for a Postgres database due to default schemaless behavior. User is looking for a solution to parse the data using dbt.


So, i am trying to move data from s3 folder to postgres database via airbyte which was working very well with all the configuration about connection setup.

But, now i have came across the situation where new type of json file have arrived which have list of json objects in them like

[{“key1”:“value1”, "key2:“value2”}]
i just want them to be loaded in under single column via airbyte and i can parse them using dbt later on.

But the issue is, the default schemaless behavior of airbyte is `


which leads to the issue of my json file having list of json object not single object.

And if i try to use the airbyte infer schema , it gives me file configuration error.

Have anyone faced this same issue ???

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