Managing log rotation in Airbyte worker


The user is facing issues with excessive log generation in the Airbyte worker container, leading to rapid disk filling. They have attempted to control log rotation using TEMPORAL_HISTORY_RETENTION_IN_DAYS environment variable but the problem persists.


Hi guys, How can we manage log rotation in the Airbyte worker? Airbyte worker is generating an excessive amount of logs in the container, leading to rapid filling of the hard disk within a few days. How can we control log rotation to mitigate this issue? I tried to add TEMPORAL_HISTORY_RETENTION_IN_DAYS=1 , but still the logs are generating too much in the worker container.

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If you’re hosting in the cloud, I’d highly recommend moving the logs out of system (using either S3 if you’re on AWS or GCS if you’re on GCP). With this setup, you can disable minio completely and remove one more moving part as well.