Manually Add Collections to Existing Mongo Connector

I’ve reported issues already on schema discovery failing for MongoDB sources. I’m DOA on being able to modify any of the replication settings via the UI. If I know the name of a new collection, or a new field within an existing replicated collection, is there a way to manually update a spec for those fields/collections to be retrieved?

I did this via API, is there a way to reset an individual stream rather than a whole collection

After adding the field to the connection via API it does not appear to be retrieved… Does the connection need to be reset for this change to apply?

Hey you mean this issue

sort of… I cant refresh a Mongo schema so I added the missing field via API. Just curious if I need to reset the entire connection or if theres a per stream rest available. Resetting the entire connection would take 24+ hours, so I don’t really want to do it unless absolutely sure it will work