Moving an extraction from locallly deployed (dev env) to a cloud based deployment (prod env)

Hi all

I am trying out airflow and have a question that is likely to have been asked many times (so appologies upfront).

I installed Airbyte using the Docker option on my local Laptop for doing tests and development. After I am happy with my solution, I would like to send what I created to some place like github so that someone else can review it (and also to keep previous versions) and after that is approved on a PR, deploy it to the production env. Is there a simple way I can achieve that ? Or would I need to manually re-create in production what I had already achieved in my dev env ?

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Jose Santos

Hi Jose,

Take a look at octavia-cli: airbyte/octavia-cli at master · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub

It allows you to define Airbyte’s configuration as YAML files and apply it to different instances. You could implement a CICD process that would run octavia apply upon merge.

Here’s a link to a tutorial of versioning Airbyte’s configuration with octavia: Version control Airbyte configurations with Octavia CLI | Airbyte


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Thank you @jszafran . That was really useful and I will check it out.