MySQL CDC binlog syncing issue


Issue with MySQL CDC binlog syncing in Airbyte, failing after initial sync and reverting to full sync. Tested with BigQuery and Clickhouse as destinations. Standard replication works fine.


Has anyone actually managed to get MySQL CDC binlog syncing working correctly? I’ve tried so many times and it invariably fails at some point after the first sync. In our latest test, the initial sync worked perfectly, as did the following 2 incremental syncs. But after that, it reverts back to doing a full sync again, and then started failing completely. We’re using version 0.50.43 of Airbyte and using the Incremental | Append + Deduped sync mode.

I have also tried with BigQuery and Clickhouse as destinations, all with the same result.

Standard replication (i.e. non CDC/Binlog) works perfectly all the time.

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