MySQL Connector CDC Binlog resyncing all records


MySQL connector version 3.2.4 is resyncing all records every time, even though CDC should only sync added/updated/deleted records. Initial sync worked well, but subsequent syncs are duplicating all records.


Hi all, Using MySQL connector version 3.2.4, but CDC Binlog is resyncing all records every time
• I have integrated using MySQl source CDC via BinLog
• Sync mode for all tables is set to Incremental | Deduped + history
• Cursor field is automatically set to _ab_cdc_cursor
• Primary key is automatically set to id
Initial sync worked perfectly (and really quickly). However, every subsequent sync has the same number of committed records - i.e. all the records are getting synced again and again. I thought that CDC would only sync added/updated/deleted records.
Am I missing something obvious?

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