New connector builder features: yaml support and version consistency


announcing new features in Connector Builder: YAML support for UI mode and version consistency guarantees for CDK


:mega: Announcing some new Connector Builder features :connector-builder::
• YAML support in UI mode:
:tada: Parent Streams and Parameterized Requests now have YAML-component support! These were the last two components to add support for, so all Builder UI components can now be converted to YAML when users need to use custom components or fields that aren’t yet available in the UI.
:hammer_and_wrench: Builder UI components will now automatically load into YAML mode if the manifest declares any fields that are unknown to the UI instead of hiding or silently dropping them, keeping the Builder future-proof and transparent as the low-code CDK evolves.
:hammer_and_wrench: Builder UI now places any unrecognized fields that aren’t part of any known components into a new Additional fields section so that users can still see and modify them while in UI mode.
◦ The above changes mean that almost any low-code manifest can now be opened in UI-mode in the Builder, with YAML editors automatically being used for specific situations that the UI doesn’t support, and normal UI fields being used for everything else.
:bug: Switching from YAML to UI has been optimized, so the UI no longer stalls when switching to UI for a connector that contains dozens of streams.
• Version consistency guarantees
:tada: The version field is now automatically set to the platform’s current CDK version when testing or publishing a connector to ensure that the declared CDK version matches the version that was used to build and test the connector.
:hammer_and_wrench: The platform now always uses the CDK version that is declared in the manifest to run syncs for that connector, which guarantees that breaking CDK changes will not break already-published connectors.

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