Normalization not available for any connections

I have Airbyte 0.50.3 deployed on Kubernetes. I did a big jump from 0.40.22 to the latest version.
I had a few connections set up - some had normalization used, some didn’t.

The currently deployed platform however has an empty Transformation tab as per screen below and all destinations that had normalization toggled are failing.

Attaching example log - Airtable.

dc7dd622_3d4a_4164_bbf2_eb4e35990748_logs_13858_txt (2).txt (942.7 KB)

Please advise :pray: I’m starting to lose hope…

Hello, I have the same issue with Postgres to Big Query connection. It was available before but isn’t after update. Have you been able to solve this?

Yes, by total coincidence actually.
After adding memory to the server pod, it was back to normal…

No logs indicated any memory issue, horrifying root cause search. :sweat_smile:
Hope it fixes it for you too!