Normalization process wasn't successful for the Outreach Source and Snowflake destinatoin

logs-70 (1).txt (470.8 KB)

Hey @D_Ra, the error you have is probably due to a wrongly defined cursor field on the outreach connector side.
I opened an issue and will try to fix it.
In the future, please add a bit more context to your error. Logs are valuable but knowing if it’s the first time you have this issue after previous successes or understanding the criticality of it for you is important to us.

yeah sure. thank you so much for your response.

My Issue:

i’m using Airbyte Open Source. i deployed the Airbyte in both local(Ubuntu OS) and AWS EC2 environment. The Outreach Source Normalization process is working fine in AWS EC2 environment. but it didn’t work in my local environment. i already attached the error log file.

Currently Airbyte Outreach source supports Three Streams. i want add some more streams. so i have to build Airbyte Custom Connector in my local environment.

@D_Ra I tried to fix this error with this PR. Please upgrade your connector to version 0.1.2 and let me know if you still encounter the same error.

Thank you…now its working fine.

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