OAuth authentication with custom builder requiring Basic Auth for Ebay API client credentials


Inquiring about the possibility of performing OAuth authentication with a custom builder that also requires Basic Auth, specifically for the Ebay API client credentials.


Does anyone know if possible to perform oAuth authentication from the custom builder that requires Basic Auth too? ie: Ebay API client credentials oauth flow: https://developer.ebay.com/api-docs/static/oauth-client-credentials-grant.html

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The POST request requires Authorization header too. Doesn’t appear this is possible with the builder UI, but wanted to double check.

Unfortunately the Builder currently only supports passing credentials into the body of the authentication POST request, not headers.

But I have noted down this feature request, thank you for raising this need

Thanks for reply, looking forward to this feature :slightly_smiling_face: in the meantime, we may have to build custom connector with CDK to solve the problem.

Yes, I would recommend creating custom authenticator component for this use case