Pagination Function Returning Same Result for Different Pages


Pagination function is not returning correct results for different pages


when I used pagination, My output has total over 1000 items but when I use pagination function, it returned the same result for both page 0 and page 1 and even page 2 <@U04SE163WC8>

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Hmm, I don’t know enough to give you a confident answer yet. The extracts provided do not directly address the issue of receiving the same results across different pages when using pagination with Airbyte. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as incorrect pagination setup, API limitations, or a misconfiguration in the request parameters. However, to troubleshoot and potentially resolve your issue, I recommend reviewing the following sections of the Airbyte documentation and GitHub issues that discuss pagination and its configuration: 1. Pagination in Airbyte: Understanding how pagination is implemented in Airbyte can help ensure you’ve set it up correctly. The documentation on pagination methods and custom parameter injection might provide insights into whether your configuration aligns with the API’s expectations. Pagination Documentation 2. Custom Parameter Injection: If your API requires specific handling of pagination parameters (like adding prefixes/suffixes or injecting values into the URL path), ensure you’ve configured these correctly. Custom Parameter Injection 3. GitHub Issues: Reviewing similar issues reported by other users can sometimes offer solutions or workarounds. For instance, issues related to pagination not working as expected might have been discussed and potentially resolved. Issue on Pagination’s “Inject page number into outgoing HTTP request” If after reviewing these resources you’re still facing issues, consider reaching out on the Airbyte GitHub or community forum with specific details about your source, the API you’re working with, and how you’ve configured pagination. This will help the community better understand your issue and provide more targeted assistance.