Pagination issue with SimpleHash API in Airbyte


The user is facing an issue with pagination while using the SimpleHash API in Airbyte. The cursor value ‘MjA3X19uZXh0’ is not being injected as a query parameter in the request URL.


Hi! i’m using simplehash api for one of my connections. the API Base URL is and the URL path is api/v0/nfts/collections/trending. Everything works just fine with the exception of the pagination. In the response’s body on AIrbyte I can find “next_cursor”: “MjA3X19uZXh0”.
Now, coming to the no code form in Airbyte:
• My strategy -> Cursor pagination;
• next page cursor -> Response;
• Path -> body.next_cursor;
• Inject Into -> query parameter;
• Parameter name -> cursor.
Unfortunately the request sent is :
"url": "<;limit=10>",
my question is why cursor is missing? Please note in the URL (GET request) limit=10 is the page size and in the advanced settings Maximum number of records is 1000. I can’t understand if, for any reason, Airbyte get “null” as value for the cursor instead of MjA3X19uZXh0 or if Airbyte is not injecting the cursor value (which should be MjA3X19uZXh0 in this case) as a query parameter named cursor in the request URL.

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