Paginator in low code custom connector of my api

Hello team,
I am working on low code custom connector and I have following question about paginator:
I am getting following response of my yotpo products api and i want to iterate over all pages

below is the code in yaml file

      type: DefaultPaginator
      page_size: "#/definitions/page_size"
        inject_into: "request_parameter"
        field_name: "count"
        type: RequestOption
        inject_into: "request_parameter"
        field_name: "page"
        type: "PageIncrement"
        page_size: 150

response of json -

But when i run the read command to see the results, I am not able to iterate over all pages.
Can anyone help me to understand the logic ?

Hey Shreepad!

Our team does not have the capacity or resources to support custom development questions right now, but I’d be happy to review the PR when you submit it! I hope someone from the community chimes in, also feel free to reach out to other community members who have contributed PRs!