Partitioning by Fields in Custom Connector


Exploring the possibility of partitioning by specific fields in a custom connector using a parent stream.


Hi – I am trying to use a parent stream to enable partitioning in a custom connector. The documentation states <Partitioning | Airbyte Documentation“Each record of the parent stream is used as a partition for the current stream.”> Is it possible to partition by fields for a <Partitioning | Airbyte Documentation object>? For example, the response from my parent stream is in the format

    "table1": [
    "table2": [
    "table3": [
and I would like to use `table1, table2, table3` as my partition values, but it appears that the <|"Parent Key"> parameter is required (it seems that I would like to partition by the parent key).



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With Python CDK and a custom partition router, maybe. With lowcode and builder, sounds like a nope.