Postgres Source - Slow initial Load

We have a GKE deploy with 6 e2-standard-16 just to run some tests.

But we have had a very slow performance in these tests.

We have a very small table with 10 million records (± 2 gb ) in a postgres(latest source version and 0.39.21-alpha), our current performance is around 17 minutes.

As in our productive environment we have tables with 600 million records, this performance would make us have to run the job for days.

Any idea what could be changed in the settings?

In the current tests we increased the number of workers and the maximum number of simultaneous workers per kind of job (sync/discover etc), but I believe that this changes the parallelization and not the performance of a specific job?

Hi @anthonyrlx,
You are not the first one to complain about our source Postgres connector throughput.
The bottleneck is currently on the connector side and increasing parallelization will have little effect if your cluster is sufficiently provisioned in terms of resources.
Improving our Postgres connector and databases connector, in general, is on top of our to-do list. You can check our public roadmap for details.
I suggest you subscribe to this Github issue to receive updates on the topic.
You can also find a related discussion on the forum (it’s for MySQL but it’s the exact same logic for Postgres).

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