Postgresql destination connection fails

I am getting following error when connecting airbyte to postgresql destination present on gcp.
Could not connect with provided configuration. Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (The connection attempt failed.)
Do I need to setup sql proxy server?

Is this a docker install on a windows machine?

docker install on ubuntu

Please look in this other topic about it: Could not connect with provided configuration. Error: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory

I had that issue on my windows machine until i used the host “host.docker.internal” instead of the typical localhost or


In my case I am not using local db.It is local/ubuntu airbyte docker connecting to remote gcp cloudsql/postgresql as airbyte destination. Do I still need to pull dockerRepository and dockerImageTag fields and then do docker-compose up as suggested in the link you shared?

Mosts cases for this situations @Kazram is because the instance doesn’t have the connection to your database. Can you double check the Airbyte Server instance is allow to access the database one?