Posthog job running for 5 hours


Checking if a Posthog job running for 5 hours is normal or expected.


Another question: I’ve got a Posthog job that’s been running for 5hr - is that normal/expected?

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> There are separate limits for different kinds of resources.
> For all analytics endpoints (such as calculating insights, retrieving persons, or retrieving session recordings), the rate limits are 240/minute and 1200/hour.
> The query endpoint has a rate limit of 120/hour. This counts queries, rather than returned results. For large or regular exports of events, use batch exports.
> For feature flag local evaluation (which is enabled in SDKs when you input a personal API key), the rate limit is 600/minute.
> For the rest of the create, read, update, and delete endpoints, the rate limits are 480/minute and 4800/hour.
Depending on how much data you have, rate limiting might be slowing things down

Thanks for this. The thing is though… our app has been running for a month, and the Posthog job says it’s extracted 12,000,000 records and has been running for 25 hours. We have a grand total of 15 users or so (although a few thousand website visits). Not sure what’s going wrong there but 12M doesn’t seem right