Pre-filtering parent stream in API endpoint for incremental sync


API endpoint query for pre-filtering parent stream based on specific property or incremental sync for updated entities


Also another approach for the above problem: I’m sending requests to an API endpoint, which has a parent stream (roughly: the parent stream has a list of entities, and this endpoint returns the entity properties). Can the parent stream be pre-filtered some way?
• filter on a specific property (e.g. if I can only query the child stream for some of the parent entries?
• or based on incremental sync, e.g. both the parent and child fields have “incremental” sync based on an “updated_at” field, and the if the child is updated, then the parent is updated. Thus from the parent list only the updated ones would need to query the child stream (as opposted to currently all of them even if they haven’t been updated).
So far I haven’t seen either of these cases supported, but I might be missing something.

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