Primary keys not assigned to destination tables after Airbyte sync operation


After selecting primary keys during the Airbyte source replication step, the destination tables in PostgreSQL and Snowflake did not have the primary keys assigned. Various update methods and sync modes were tested without success.


• I did some tests on Airbyte - I selected the primary keys during the Airbyte source replication step. Following the sync operation, the source data tables were replicated to the destination database with all the values and datatypes intact. However, the primary keys were not assigned to the destination tables. This process was attempted with both PostgreSQL and Snowflake selected as the destination database. Various Update Methods were tried, including:
◦ Read Changes using Write-Ahead Log (CDC)
◦ Detect Changes with Xmin System Column
◦ Scan Changes with User Defined Cursor
◦ Additionally, all sync modes were tested.
Any guidance or assistance you can provide on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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