Question about SQS source/destination in Airbyte


The user is evaluating Airbyte open source, specifically interested in the SQS source/destination functionality. They noticed it was unarchived in a specific PR but cannot find it when creating a connection. They are seeking guidance on how to enable it.


Hi, I’m evaluating airbyte open source. I must say I like what I see so far.
I’ve cloned it from github and started it using
Commit: * 9d368aaebc <tel:2406070110|240607 0110> davinchia (HEAD

I have a question about the SQS source / destination. I saw that it was earlier archived, but was unarchived in this PR:

But I can’t find it when I’m creating a connection.
Do I need to enable it somehow?

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Hey Carl, if you need an archived connector you need to pull it manually from the dockerhub docker pull airbyte/source-sqs:version or build it locally using the airbyte-ci connectors --name source-sqs build as example.

Thanks for the reply Marco, I’ll look into that