Quickbooks Cloud Connector Issue


The Quickbooks cloud connector is not functioning properly and requires assistance.


Hi all, it looks like the Quickbooks cloud connector is completely broken, could I get some help with this please:

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Double check permissions on that token? Have you verified working via Postman etc?

yep the token is fine, I think this is a known issue caused by a recent update. I found this: https://github.com/airbytehq/airbyte/issues/34496

However it’s been open for 5 days now and it doesn’t seem like there’s much progress made, which is alarming since the entire connector is currently completely unusable right now.

You can roll the connector back to previous version if needed

Even if I’m using the cloud connector?

Not sure I’m on OSS. In OSS you can change versions in admin

I don’t think it’s possible to roll back for the hosted/cloud Airbyte , or atleast I can’t find any docs on it :disappointed:
which is ridiculous because I’m actually paying for the convenience of it being hosted for me yet it’s completely unusable for my use case

I can confirm this issue is effecting me too. It was introduce when they pushed <https://github.com/airbytehq/airbyte/pull/32236|this fix> which attempted to fix the inability to use the refresh token. Instead of having an issue of needing to repopulate new tokens in QBOs OAuth playground to force a successful sync, the connection simply fails now.