Recommended resource quota values for production environment


Sync pods were failing with memory pressure issue, resolved by updating resource quota values. Seeking recommendations for resource quota values in production environment.


We have identified the issue, Actually sync pods were failing with exit code 137, which means they had memory pressure. (although pods were not in OOMkilled state – nvm)
Initially we had applied this resource quota on airbyte jobs:

        cpu: 100m
        memory: 25Mi
        cpu: 200m
        memory: 50Mi```
We updated the resource quota to the following and our sync pods started working fine.
```    resources:
        cpu: 100m
        memory: 256Mi
        cpu: '200m'
        memory: 1Gi ```

If anyone can suggest what would be the recommended values for the resource quota for production environment, please share your insights :bulb: ??

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