Removing uuid from GA4 report and adding date for Airbyte connector


The user is asking how to remove ‘uuid’ from the GA4 report and add ‘date’ for the Airbyte connector to get two aggregated monthly metrics. They are encountering errors without the ‘date’ field.


Hey Guys, I’d like to follow up on this. Is there a way to get rid of “uuid” in the report? I’m having a simple need to get two aggregated monthly metrics from GA4. Also I noticed that Airbyte connector also requires “date” inside report, without it I’m getting error.

My GA4 report config:

    "name": "kpi",
    "dimensions": ["yearMonth","streamName"],
    "metrics": ["sessions", "totalUsers"]



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["ga4-report", "airbyte-connector", "aggregated-metrics", "date-field"]

Config I get in Airbyte: