Response not in JSON format when testing API connector


When testing an API connector, the response received is not in JSON format, unlike when using Postman with the same configuration. Assistance is needed to understand why Airbyte is not recognizing the response as JSON.


Hey all, I am trying to build a simple api connector and when I hit test, body of the response that I get is not coming in JSON format and I am not sure why whereas when I use postman with same configuration I get a proper JSON formatted response. Any help here would be appreciated!
Below is the response I am getting and airbyte is not recognizing it as JSON
[\r\n {\r\n \"Location\": \"RPM Raceway - Stamford\",\r\n \"Teller\": \"TELLER 1\",\r\n \"TransCount\": 35,\r\n \"CashCredits\": 25.0000,\r\n \"CreditCardRevenue\": 1190.0000,\r\n \"CashCreditBonus\": 300.0000\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"Location\": \"RPM Raceway - Stamford\",\r\n \"Teller\": \"TELLER 2\",\r\n \"TransCount\": 166,\r\n \"CashCredits\": 584.0000,\r\n \"CreditCardRevenue\": 5640.1600,\r\n \"CashCreditBonus\": 1420.0000\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"Location\": \"RPM Raceway - Long Island\",\r\n \"Teller\": \"TELLER 2\",\r\n \"TransCount\": 56,\r\n \"CashCredits\": 386.0000,\r\n \"CreditCardRevenue\": 1130.0000,\r\n \"CashCreditBonus\": 280.0000\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"Location\": \"RPM Raceway - Long Island\",\r\n \"Teller\": \"TELLER 1\",\r\n \"TransCount\": 8,\r\n \"CashCredits\": 0.0000,\r\n \"CreditCardRevenue\": 165.0000,\r\n \"CashCreditBonus\": 15.0000\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"Location\": \"RPM Raceway - Jersey City\",\r\n \"Teller\": \"Teller 1 Jersey\",\r\n \"TransCount\": 190,\r\n \"CashCredits\": 1584.0000,\r\n \"CreditCardRevenue\": 4746.0000,\r\n \"CashCreditBonus\": 1475.0000\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"Location\": \"RPM Raceway - Jersey City\",\r\n \"Teller\": \"Teller 2 Jersey\",\r\n \"TransCount\": 102,\r\n \"CashCredits\": 725.0000,\r\n \"CreditCardRevenue\": 1934.0000,\r\n \"CashCreditBonus\": 510.0000\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"Location\": \"RPM Raceway - Stamford\",\r\n \"Teller\": \"TELLER 3\",\r\n \"TransCount\": 16,\r\n \"CashCredits\": 534.0000,\r\n \"CreditCardRevenue\": 0.0000,\r\n \"CashCreditBonus\": 120.0000\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"Location\": \"RPM Raceway - Jersey City\",\r\n \"Teller\": \"Teller 3 Jersey\",\r\n \"TransCount\": 23,\r\n \"CashCredits\": 98.0000,\r\n \"CreditCardRevenue\": 540.0000,\r\n \"CashCreditBonus\": 130.0000\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"Location\": \"RPM Raceway - Long Island\",\r\n \"Teller\": \"Teller 3\",\r\n \"TransCount\": 79,\r\n \"CashCredits\": 720.0000,\r\n \"CreditCardRevenue\": 1860.0000,\r\n \"CashCreditBonus\": 605.0000\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"Location\": \"RPM Raceway - Poughkeepsie\",\r\n \"Teller\": \"poughkeepsie teller\",\r\n \"TransCount\": 20,\r\n \"CashCredits\": 138.0000,\r\n \"CreditCardRevenue\": 303.0000,\r\n \"CashCreditBonus\": 95.0000\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"Location\": \"RPM Raceway - Syracuse\",\r\n \"Teller\": \"RPM Syracuse Teller\",\r\n \"TransCount\": 34,\r\n \"CashCredits\": 152.0000,\r\n \"CreditCardRevenue\": 312.0000,\r\n \"CashCreditBonus\": 72.0000\r\n }\r\n]

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