Salesforce -> Clickhouse error: The connection tests failed. The form is invalid. Please make sure that all fields are correct

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte?: No. I made connection salesforce → clickhouse and it worked before this trouble.

  • OS Version / Instance: Ubuntu

  • Airbyte Version: 0.35.15-alpha

  • Source name/version: airbyte/source-salesforce 1.0.9 (tested on 1.0.4)

  • Destination name/version: airbyte/destination-clickhouse 0.1.5

  • Step: Connection Setting
    I try to make connection between salesfroce and clickhouse. It worked fine, but there was a trouble in Connection Setting. So, it’s impossible load data from salesforce.

How to fix it ?
Is this trouble due to salesforce source connection?
logs(logs-3183.txt (75.3 KB))

From logs the error was caused by an empty query trying to run in Clickhouse. Do you have other connections or only this one?

I trued to connect PostgreSQL instead of Clickhouse,but the error is the same

I think this is a salesforce aribyte connection problem. I did everything according to this instruction (Obtain Access & Refresh tokens from Salesforce REST API | by Pramodya Mendis | Medium), but the error stay.

Can you share the postgres logs too? Are you trying all streams from Salesforce or are you filtering some of them?

Thank you, we solved this problem.

Could you share the solution here @UnknownPurpleColour