Schema change issue

Hi Team,

I am working on building a CDC replication from PostgreSQL to BigQuery using Airbyte.
While testing I added a new column to see if Airbyte takes up the new column using the Incremental | Deduped + history mode.After following the steps listed in the ticket :
How does Airbyte handle replication when a data source changes its schema?

It shows up the new column in the BigQuery destination.
But now while I am trying to update the values of this new column in the Postgres source database
it gives an error:
ERROR: cannot update table "airbyte_tableXX" because it does not have a replica identity and publishes updates

HINT: To enable updating the table, set REPLICA IDENTITY using ALTER TABLE.

Did it alter the table structure in the backend.If so, how can we avoid it?
Even the airbyte connection now does not show the Incremental modes, It is just showing the Full Refresh mode.

How can I fix this error?

Hey @harshita,
I’m under the impression that this error is not related to CDC or schema evolution.
I think the problem is that this table is replicated but might miss a primary key.
Feel free to check this stack overflow and let me know if it helps.