Self Signed Cert / Internal CA and Connectors

The newest version of Elasticsearch automatically sets up encryption between nodes right out of the box. It does this by setting up its own internal CA. This is neat, but now presents an interesting situation for my Airbyte experimentation. I was eventually going to figure out how the encryption would work for the connector, but this has now made it higher on the list.

The Elasticsearch destination connector says it supports SSL but doesn’t show any configuration options to point to trust stores.

The ES connector is Java so wasn’t sure if there was a particular place I could set the typical java system properties across the board for Airbyte to pass to connectors or if the actual connection code needs updated to support the encryption.

I also looked at the Mongo connector docs / code to see if I could learn anything from that, but looks like might be a similar situation if custom certificate specifics were needed.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions!


Hi @Ryan,
Most of our database connector does not allow the user to set custom certificates.
We are focusing this quarter on improving our database connectors and this might be an upcoming feature.
If you want to overcome this problem at the moment the only workaround would be patching our destination ES docker image to set the trust store as you expect.

This issue is closely related to this feature, feel free to subscribe to it to receive updates when our team will iterate on this.