Setting up connection using Terraform with selected fields issue


The user is facing an issue where the Terraform configuration successfully applies but does not set up the selected fields as expected. They are using Airbyte version 0.63.4 and Terraform version 0.5.2.


I am trying to set up connection using terraform with selected fields (airbyte version: 0.63.4, terraform version: 0.5.2).
Though the terraform get applied successfully, it does not set the fields up, but instead selects all the fields.
Can you please suggest what I might be missing here? Thanks!

  data_residency                       = "auto"
  destination_id                       = "<dest-id>"
  source_id                            = "<src-id>"
  status                               = "active"
  name                                 = "Test Connection"
  namespace_definition                 = "destination"
  non_breaking_schema_updates_behavior = "propagate_columns"
  schedule = {
    schedule_type   = "cron"
    cron_expression = "0 0 * * * ?"
  configurations = {
    streams = [
        name      = "MyCollection"
        sync_mode = "incremental_deduped_history",
        cursor_field = [
        selected_fields = [
            field_path = [



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if I understand correctly that’s not possible yet, but you could subscribe to this issue for future updates:

thanks for pointing that out, will keep an eye.