Snowflake destination - What is the HASH ID column made from?

When syncing to Snowflake, we get a column called _AIRBYTE_<TABLE_NAME>_HASHID. I’m assuming it might be MD5? How is it generated?

Hey it is made for the whole row. Ideally, it’s also an identifier for that row.

Hi @harshith,

Thanks for the quick reply. I know it’s an identifier for that row. My question was more on how is it generated? Is it a random hash? I’m trying to find in the code where that string is generated for a row.

Is it by concatenating all values, then applying md5 to it? Do you know where pin-point in the code where it’s implemented?

Hey my bad. It’s md5. Yeah here you can also read through the docs

Also all of the normalisation happens here.