SSL and Protect Access ASAP

Airbyte version : 0.39.32-alpha
OS Version / Instance : GCP Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Deployment : Docker
Hi guys,
we really need to have ssl and Protect Access.
I know you promise in the next versions, but we need it for now.
Is there any simple way to do this before?

Hi @animer3009 thanks for your post. All of the cloud connectors use SSL or encrypted channels of communication, so you may want to consider that if the connector is one available on the cloud platform. Which connector does your team need secure?

No no,
I mean Airbyte web app ssl and access protect with password

Airbyte OSS doesn’t have RBAC/OAuth frontend yet. There are some suggestions to you implement yourself some protection in this post:

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There can’t be a simple way like add .htaccess file or Nginix config or something similar?

p.s. By the way, I will ask here to not open new threads.
My Airbyte uses a lot of space. It is now more than 30BG…
True, I am just testing it for now, nothing serious I have not done yet. Just a few export load tasks were done for the test.
I am looking for a way to clear logs… How can I free up space?

You can run docker system prune -a to remove unused docker images.

Today there isn’t any simple way to do a protected access.

Wow, Thank you!
Total reclaimed space: 25.94GB
Every time I do git pull and then start Airbyte.
Looks like old images stay there.
Thank you again!