State is saved for 1 stream (out of 3) only (after Airbyte upgrade)

Pretty much as titled. I had this connector developed, which was working fine for more than a month now. After upgrading Airbyte, however, it started saving state for 1 out of 3 streams - for others it does full resync everytime.

The state message I see in the UI is this:

However, using

python read --config secrets/config.json --catalog integration_tests/configured_catalog.json | grep STATE | tail -n 1 | jq > integration_tests/sample_state.json

command in terminal (locally), as per tutorial, outputs me a proper state, which I’d expect in the Airbyte’s instance as well:


Any advice?

These, btw, are two logs files for two consecutive streams. It seems that transactions state was updated, and thus it was not resynced fully. Order and Customers streams were resynced from the beginning.

logs-532.txt (364.1 KB)
logs-538.txt (282.2 KB)

It seems that correct state was captured (see, e.g., line 1502 in logs-532). However, it somehow wasn’t saved (?)

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It seems to do indeed with airbyte version. This is from a test on the latest version:

This is a test on an older version of Airbyte:

All other settings are identical.

OK, I am pretty sure it has to do with this response:

State capture: Updated state to: Optional[io.airbyte.config.State@396c01f1[state=[{“type”:“STREAM”,“stream”:{“stream_descriptor”:{“name”:“transactions”},“stream_state”:{“dateCreated”:“2022-09-20 18:48:30”}},“data”:{“transactions”:{“dateCreated”:“2022-09-20 18:48:30”},“customers”:{“dateCreated”:“2022-09-20 18:48:14”},“order”:{“dateCreated”:“2022-09-20 18:48:35”}}}]]]

(this is from sync logs).

Comparing to other active connectors, I believe it should not include this weird looking part:

…[{“type”:“STREAM”,“stream”:{“stream_descriptor”:{“name”:“transactions”},“stream_state”:{“dateCreated”:“2022-09-20 18:48:30”}}

(which is then followed with expected :

“data”:{“transactions”:{“dateCreated”:“2022-09-20 18:48:30”},“customers”:{“dateCreated”:“2022-09-20 18:48:14”},“order”:{“dateCreated”:“2022-09-20 18:48:35”}}}]]]


Any inights - anybody?

Another update:

complete rewrite of the connector, using ABC instead of IncrementalMixin and different state saving logic, had no effect. State still seems to be in a wrong format.

I am completely lost at this point.

Can confirm that the rewritten connector:

  1. Results in proper state in Airbyte 0.39.30 alpha
  2. Results in wrong state in Airbyte 0.40.7

As this remains a solo thread, my only choice remains downgrade.

Hey @Albinas_Plesnys,

Thanks for making this post. I’m sorry to hear your previously working connection is now only partially working as expected. I believe we did make some changes with state since version 39.30 alpha but I’m not entirely sure what the culprit could be. I made an issue on Github about your issue here:

Please follow the discussion there for the latest updates.

Thanks, I appreciate that!

Albinas, you must share the custom of your connector. Airbyte has a lot of sources saving multiple states.