Storing Nested Objects in ClickHouse Table


The user is facing an issue with storing nested objects like ‘email_addresses’ in ClickHouse table when connecting data from CRM. They are looking for ideas on how to handle this.


Hello ! I’ve built a connector for| that retrieves “CRM” data but I’m facing a problem / question. For example, here’s an example of the response I get for a “contact”.

    "id": "b2abfe13-8be0-44d0-b183-d23e64b8f4da",
    "remote_id": "6771951",
    "created_at": "2024-03-06T00:13:57.074137Z",
    "modified_at": "2024-03-06T00:13:57.074146Z",
    "first_name": "Elon",
    "last_name": "Musk",
    "owner": "02ea3230-4587-427f-a23c-c8cb5f85c9ee",
    "addresses": [
        "created_at": "2024-03-04T22:46:08.333060Z",
        "modified_at": "2024-03-04T22:46:08.333080Z",
        "country": "FR"
    "email_addresses": [
        "created_at": "2024-03-06T00:13:57.391366Z",
        "modified_at": "2024-03-06T00:13:57.391373Z",
        "email_address": "<|>",
        "email_address_type": "PRIMARY"
    "phone_numbers": [
        "created_at": "2024-03-06T00:13:57.361615Z",
        "modified_at": "2024-03-06T00:13:57.361622Z",
        "phone_number": "+33600000000"
    "remote_created_at": "2024-03-05T20:39:44Z",
    "remote_was_deleted": false
I then connect the data to ClickHouse so that I can play with the data. The problem is that objects like "email_addresses" are stored in JSON Format in my contact table.

With some connectors, another table is created, for example contact_addresses, and the link can be made via a join.

Does anyone have any ideas to help me :smile: Thx a lot !!



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You can add “Field transformations → Add field” and add a field for email_address that would key into the address field on the json object. That way, you’ll have a string email address in clickhouse.

That would be a naive and simple normalization. For more advanced / consistent cleanup, you’d probably a more robust normalization workflow.

I.e. dbt: