Support for Databricks destination on Azure

Right now my understanding is that the Databricks Lakehouse destination is only for AWS deployments (S3 requirement). Is there a roadmap for Azure support?
My organisation has strict rules on how data is moved and our platform of choice is Azure.

In the documentation this issue is mentioned [11424].(Apply buffering changes to Databricks Destination · Issue #11424 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub)
In the commenct from tuliren on may 3rd 2022 it sounds like Databricks themselves are working on a connector that is not reliant on S3. Where are we with this in terms of release date?

Hi @martindlarsson, there is no hard release date set for this at this time!

OK, thanks! What information can you share at this time?

I don’t have any updates to share at this time, watching GitHub issues for updates is the best way to keep track of what is currently happening regarding your question.

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