Support for incremental_deduped in open source Airbyte UI for Kafka destination


Inquiring about the support for incremental_deduped in the open source Airbyte UI for Kafka destination and seeking feedback on successful usage.


Hi team,
Is incremental_deduped supported on open source Airbyte UI for kafka as destination? Has anyone tried this and was able to use it successfully?

destination_sync_mode: append_deduped```



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Based on the information provided in the extracts, the BigQuery destination connector supports the following sync modes: - Full Refresh Sync - Incremental - Append Sync - Incremental - Append + Deduped However, for the Kafka destination, the provided extracts do not specify the supported sync modes directly. They focus on the parameters that can be configured when setting up Kafka as a destination in Airbyte, such as Bootstrap servers, Topic pattern, Security protocol, etc., but do not mention the specific sync modes supported for Kafka. Given the absence of direct information about the support of incremental - append_deduped sync mode for Kafka as a destination in the provided extracts, I cannot confidently confirm its support in the open-source Airbyte UI. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend consulting the official Airbyte documentation or reaching out to the Airbyte community for assistance. The documentation and community forums are great resources for questions about specific features and configurations, including supported sync modes for various connectors. Official Airbyte Documentation

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