Support for Postgres 15.2 on AWS Aurora in Airbyte


Check if Airbyte supports Postgres 15.2 hosted on AWS Aurora


Hello, do we have info on whether airbyte supports postgres 15.2 hosted on aws aurora?

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Yeah Abdul both source and destination connectors of postgres support.

We tried to sync from postgres16 to Kafka and CSV to postgres 15

I think the question is related to the airbyte internal database, right?

yes, this questions is related to airbyte database(external). <@U01MMSDJGC9>

Also do you have option to provide external db info for temporal db?

i am using latest helm|chart, trying deployment on EKS using argocd. thanks

I was reading this|document, is this still intact. appreciate you quick response says only POstgres 13 is possible today.

We tested it with both 15 and 16 Postgres as external Db with helmcharts