Syncing CDC changes from PSQL (RDS) to S3 with Airbyte


Exploring the capability of syncing CDC changes from PSQL (RDS) to S3 using Airbyte. Questions about enabling one source for multiple tables and cleanup of replication slots and publications when deleting a connection.


Hi all, we are looking into using airbyte to sync CDC changes from PSQL (RDS) to S3.
For now , we mainly have 2 questions:
• Can we enable one source for multiple tables? If so does each tables need their own publications?
• From what we understand, it’s one replication slot per DB. In our architecture, we have many DBs and some might disappear in the near future. If we delete a connection in airbyte, does it do any clean-up in PSQL? Remove un-used slots or publications?
Let us know , thank you!!!

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