Syncing subset of SharePoint data using Airbyte and PyAirbyte


The user is looking to sync a subset of SharePoint data into their application using Airbyte. They are also inquiring about the possibility of utilizing PyAirbyte for this task.


Hey everyone! Our team has been working to allow our customers to sync SharePoint data into our application. Given the huge amount of data involved, we’ve put together a user interface which allows them to select a subset of their massive SharePoint libraries to sync. Now that we’re ready to start syncing the files over and we’re wondering if Airbyte could help us out. Does anyone know if we can use Airbyte to sync over just a subset of the files? Additionally, can we utilize PyAirbyte, or would this require a full Airbyte deployment? Any insights or advice would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

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