Trouble applying external database on Airbyte running on GKE


User is facing difficulties applying an external database to Airbyte running on GKE. Error related to timeout occurs when trying to upgrade the installation with specific values.


Hello Folks, I’m having difficult to apply the external database on airbyte.
My airbyte is running under GKE and I already setup the postgres database, but when I try to upgrade the installation looking to values, they return error related to timeout.
Below are the command to upgrade the airbyte and attached is my values file.

Please, someone can help me with this?

  --values values.yaml \
  --set ingress.enabled=true \
  --set ingress.annotations."kubernetes\.io/ingress\.class"=nginx \
  --set ingress.annotations."cert-manager\.io/cluster-issuer"="letsencrypt-prod" \
  --set ingress.tls[0].hosts[0]="host" \
  --set ingress.tls[0].secretName="airbyte-tls"```



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