Trouble configuring Sentry integration for Airbyte connectors


User is facing issues configuring Sentry integration for Airbyte connectors in a Kubernetes deployment. Environment variables are set but errors are not reported in Sentry. Suspecting an issue with the allowedHosts value in the self-hosted Sentry instance.


Hello! I’ve been trying to configure Sentry integration for Airbyte connectors, but having trouble doing so and can no longer find the relevant|docs. I stumbled upon this <Slack post> from 9 months ago. I’ve set the following variables:

    SENTRY_DSN: "<sentry_dsn>"
    SENTRY_ENVIRONMENT: "stg-airbyte"```
I have also set these same environment variables specifically for the `worker` pod. I can see that these environment variables are present in the different pods (server, worker etc.). However, no errors are being reported in Sentry even though I have multiple sync jobs failing. Has anyone had any luck with getting the Sentry integration working with the Kubernetes deployment?

It's worth noting that the Sentry instance is self-hosted, so I suspect from the logs that the `allowedHosts` value only has `*.<|>`  configured, preventing it from talking to our Sentry instance.



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