Trouble connecting Airbyte to PostgreSQL instance on remote machine


Airbyte is having trouble connecting to a PostgreSQL instance on a remote machine, specifically with the airbyte-temporal service. Error message indicates an issue with initializing the namespace default in temporal.


Hi team

I am having problems when starting up Airbyte on a remote machine I have configured.

The idea is that Airbyte will use an existing PostgreSQL instance with other databases (using SSL).

I’m having problems with airbyte-temporal service, for some reason is not possible to connect to my PostgreSQL instance and I’m pretty sure all parameters are set ok and the connectivity is ok.

The main error I’m receiving now is that namespace default could not be initialized in temporal

WARN i.a.c.t.TemporalUtils(getTemporalClientWhenConnected):159 - Waiting for namespace default to be initialized in temporal...

I changed in docker-compose the airbyte-temporal service and added a new env var called “DATABASE_URL” with the whole URL, including sslmode=require

Any idea ?

Thank you in advice !

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I found something.

I set DATABASE_URL in docker-compose.yaml file and moreover when defining DATABASE_PASSWORD in .env file, I defined it without single quotes ’ ’